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i saw you in the teaching community and i'm a teacher in WA too, i thought it might be fun to be lj friends :-).

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Sure! I'll add you.

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Hey, it's Tessa... :)

Another teacher?! Woo!

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Hi, I saw you in one of the teaching communities. I also teach elementary school and would love to hear more about your classroom management ideas. It's my second year and I'm at my wits end.

May I add you?

Re: Another teacher?! Woo!

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Sure, I've added you.

I had a really tough time with management for my first 2 years too... this is my 4th, and I finally feel better about it.

Re: Another teacher?! Woo!

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The trouble I am having with my students is the fact that they don't seem to listen to anything I say. I can give simple directions over and over and something as simple as "do not talk" or "I should not be hearing voices" lasts about 5 seconds as soon as an adult walks into the room or I am speaking one on one with a student. I want to scream...and I can't now because I have laryngitis from it all. It's insane! (1st graders this year)

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emelot suggested I friend you based on our shared interest in fighting in the SCA and writing about it.

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Of course - I didn't want to presume and make a friend request despite Emelot's glowing review, since I write a lot about my job too and I imagine that can get boring :-)

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I would love to be added to your LJ! It's Erin :)

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's mise, Lon.